All of our projects are turn-key deliveries, built with one step at a time. To ensure the final result will match its initial goal, we work with a systematic process.

Discover & define

From gaining factual information, defining goals, interviewing stakeholders, and auditing markets and audiences to exploring engineering and architectural possibilities. During this stage, we are gathering all the ins-and-outs of the project, to define a final project scope including design sketches that delivers the anticipated results.

Design & construct

The actual project has been scoped, and is ready to be implemented. All our disciplines are put into work to finalize the designs and construct all solutions within the project.


Now it’s time to launch the experience into its destination. Our staff will make sure that everything within the project is ready to be viewed and used without any technical or mechanical hick-ups up to every detail.


Some projects require continuous monitoring and optimization. We are able track results and analyse impact to make the necessary optimizations and/or adaptations.