About you – (Press) Release Event

Germany’s fashion company About You commissions a major press release event in the city centre of Amsterdam, the Netherlands to enhance and amaze at different stages of the customers journey for the invited press and customers during the press release. Sober Industries was asked to design and produce four different installations to present the USP’s of About You to the invited audience.

How we did it

The four installation booths each are produced in a different way because of the custom made wishes from About You. Sober Industries created for all the installations content visuals with the creative input from About You their marketing team. The four installations where produced with a mix of Sober Industries in – house material and techniques.

Booth 1 (Galaxy): Design and producing of universal elements with projection mapping 

Booth 2 (Iphone): Design and producing of a giant Iphone with touch screen which plays the new application of About You.

Booth 3 (Windows): Two LED screens were placed with the implemented content of About You played in a loop.

Booth 4 (Media): Design and producing of ten different panels with About You content played on with projection mapping.

The result

The press release event of About You was a great succes. Thanks to the four installations booths the audience had a great view of the different USP’s of About You.