Cannabis Museum Amsterdam

In the summer of 2016 we were contacted by The Cannabis Museum Amsterdam to develop, design and produce an interactive environment for the audience about Cannabis. In the centre of Amsterdam we are still building the museum started with the store down floor.

How we did it

We did a lot of research to the facts of Cannabis. With this information we started developing and designing. In consultation with The Cannabis Museum we started with producing different elements of the museum that are connected with Cannabis. From storytelling to designing and producing we give the museum the total package of what is possible.

Marketing & Branding Construction User experience

The result

At this moment in 2017 we are still in progress of building the museum. The expectations are to open the doors of the interactive part of the museum in 2018. The store down floor is the only stage of the museum that is open at the moment. You can visit the store at Damstraat 6 in Amsterdam.