Converse Clashwall Amsterdam

In May 2014 Amsterdam were the latest backdrop for the Converse Clash Wall series, which have taken place in cities across the globe. Clash Wall Amsterdam took over five floors transformed by eight Dutch artists – DOES, Onno Poiesz, Rutger Termohlen, Sober Industries, Karski, TelmoMiel, Zedz and Zender – in nine days to create an ultimate collaboration – a ‘clash’ of styles – that runs throughout the entirety of the building.

How we did it

Sober Industries designed and produced 2 giant Gundam / Transformer sculptures. The 2 sculptures stands against together at one floor. The sculptures were positioned in a way that they seem to circle one another. During the show of Converse Clash Wall Sober Industries also projection mapped the sculptures.

Video editting Construction Project mapping

The result

according to a quote from Hypebeast published on May 5th, 2014: ‘With the use of multiple artistic methods and materials, the artists managed to seamlessly connect each floor of this five – stores house, uniting their distinctive styles. By clashing this historic house, this project also touched upon a very Dutch practice of keeping their windows open. A tradition that dates back to the late 16th – 17th century during the Dutch Golden Age, windows were kept open, while sailors were out at sea so their wives couldn’t cheat on them. The idea has long evolved from cheating to that sharing, and in a culture where being normal is considered ‘crazy enough’, the home is the only place where the Dutch can truly express themselves. Allowing these artists to work in such a space with the windows uncovered recognizes a very special form of domestic exhibitionism that each resident of this country understands and shared. They’ve taken something that many would consider private – the inside of a residence – and made it public, transforming it into more than just a home, but a work of art and an unique experience for the public to enjoy’