Dordrecht museum – ‘Take Part x Tim Boin’

Together with TakePart the Dordrechts Museum contacted Sober Industries and Tim Boin to design and produce an artwork for an exhibition in the Dordrechts Museum. The exhibition was organized to stimulate younger people to come over to the museum. TakePart and the Dordrechts Museum believed that Sober Industries and Tim Boin could help with this goal

How we did it

In consultation with TakePart, the concept of the artwork getting the right shape to produce. Inspired by a recent artwork in the Dordrecht Museum, Tim Boin and TakePart designed three sculptures in the form of 3 masks. Sober Industries created some visuals for the project mapping installation on the three masks. 

The result

During the opening of the exhibition in September 2017, the crowd was blown away by the projection mapping installation with the visuals on the three masks by Sober Industries. Thanks to TakePart and the Dordrecht Museum, the youth get the chance to see the work of Tim Boin and Sober Industries.