Feed Me – Stage development

Sober Industries received an e-mail from Jon Gooch alias DJ Feed Me. Feed Me is an alter ego character which Jon Gooch used for his branding and music. Feed Me asked Sober Industries to create a stage where his alter ego could be implemented in a technical way. The idea was to design and produce a stage show that would resemble the outstanding teeth of the alter ego character from Feed Me.

How we did it

Sober Industries developed a stage show which represents Feed Me as a character and also synchronized visuals with the music of Feed Me. For the development of the synchronized visuals Sober Industries teamed up with Studio Rewind and started putting up ideas. In the video down below you can watch the ‘Inside the Feed Me Teeth stage show’

Video editing Construction Music Software & Application

The result

Thanks to the development and production of this custom made stage show, Feed Me had full control of the rig and the ability to improvise during his shows. The result is a brand new concept for lightning and visual synchronize during stage shows. The visual elements of the show are custom made designed and synced up for the individual audio tracks. This created a great environment for the audience to listen to the music and watch the show.