H&M – Opening Event Flagship Store (Rotterdam)

Sober Industries were asked by H&M to design and produce a number of sculptures of which one was to projection map on the opening presentation of the gathered crowed. Sober Industries came up with fout different heart shape geometric design for the smaller parts and a massive abstract geometric sculpture for the presentation. The abstract shapes had three diamond, which referred to the three diamonds Rotterdam was becoming richer by open the H&M store alongside the opening of other fashion stores in the same building named WeekDay and Monki.

How we did it

Sober Industries designed and produced a couple of geometric shaped sculptures. In consultation with H&M they’ve decided that projection mapping was the extra feature they needed to give the show more body. The whole content and video was custom made by Sober Industries. Four extra heart shaped objects were placed on each level of the building. The abstract shape of the large pieced hide three diamonds and a heart. The Sober Industries were responsible for the physical and technical part of the show.

The result

In a very short time due Sober Industries create great content referring on the geometric shapes and forms of the 3D sculptures. With projection mapping on the 3D sculptures Sober Industries created a great show. This show was the official start of the opening event and the introduction of three new stores in one building in the centre of Rotterdam of: H&M, Monki and Weekday.