Green Living Lab – Healthy Urban Living

The Green Living Lab is an unique natural lab located in an urban environment in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where scientists, technical experts, artists and business meet to stimulate healthier urban living. The Green Living Lab contacted Sober Industries to create an environment which would fit right in the neighbourhood. The goal of the garden was to enhance green urban living and to connect people with earth and plants again. 

How we did it

The Geodesic Dome was designed according to the standard dome construction methods. For this project Sober Industries changed the drawings for two separate entrances and five windows in the top, so they could be opened to  ventilate the space inside. The wood materials which has been used for the building of the Geodesic Dome is called ‘Accoya’. This type of wood is a light weight, strong and suitable for construction purposes. All the windows are lexan panels. To obtain more indoor space Sober Industries raised the construction 70cm of the ground with a wooden wall which was covered with a typical Dutch embankment. 

Construction Graphic design

The result

Thanks to the Geodesic dome, the garden of the Green Living Lab is very dynamic with different kinds of people. The Green Living Lab nowadays is a place for workshops, lectures and lot more.