Kunsthal Rotterdam – Indoor and outdoor marketing activation ‘Thierry Mugler’ exhibition

In preparation for the largest exhibition in 2019 “Couturissime” by the great French fashion designer Thierry Mugler in the Kunsthal Rotterdam, Sober Industries designed and produced an indoor and outdoor marketing activation, commissioned by the Kunsthal Rotterdam.

How we did it

The Kunsthal Rotterdam wanted to pay tribute to Mugler by combining technology with fashion and art in marketing activation. The Kunsthal Rotterdam and Sober Industries have worked closely together during the project, to design the creative concept for marketing activation, in line with Mugler’s style. To perfectly capture Mugler’s style in combination with the art, fashion and technology elements, projection mapping was chosen as a medium in combination with custom made animations with footage from Thierry Mugler.

Indoor marketing activation

The indoor marketing activation could be seen in the central station hall of Rotterdam. As soon as travelers enter Rotterdam Centraal by train and find their way to the front of Rotterdam Centraal, the first thing they saw was the indoor marketing activation. This consisted of a backdrop with the title of the show: “Thierry Mugler – Couturissime” in 3D letters. The activation was completed by custom made animations that were projected on the backdrop and the 3D title of the show by means of projection mapping.

Outdoor marketing activation

The outdoor marketing activation carried out on the station square in front of Rotterdam Central. During the evening hours a custom animation of the Thierry Mugler show was projected on the square situated at the central station, by means of projection mapping. The purpose of this outdoor marketing activation was to create awareness for the upcoming Thierry Mugler exhibition at the Kunsthal Rotterdam.

Projection mapping Animations Installations

The result

The indoor and outdoor marketing activations we build for de Kunsthal Rotterdam in promotion of the Thierry Mugler show ‘Couturissime’ were a big success.