Quays Culture – Unnatural Borders

Quays Culture is the artistic team behind award winning large scale events at Salford Quays home to MediaCityUK. The artistic program immerses audiences into new and exciting public art exhibitions.

In May 2017 Quays Culture asked Sober Industries in collaboration with art director/visual artist Tim Boin to design and produce four gigantic animal sculptures to take over MediaCity UK’s waterside for a 10 days outdoor exhibition. Challenging the perception of homemade versus natural environments, and how they influence the status of endangered species. Different kinds of animals from land and sea were an inspiration for Sober Industries and Tim Boin. The four final animals which were being produced as a sculpture are: the polar bear, red squirrel, blue whale and a bumblebee. All these animals were interpreted by Sober Industries and Tim Boin in a signature geometric style with mesmerizing projections, bringing them to life each night. The exhibition was titled: ‘Unnatural Borders

How we did it

‘Unnatural Borders’ by Quays Culture is a public art project in Salford, UK. For this occasion Sober Industries designed and produced four giant animal sculptures which would be able to stand in an outdoor environment against bad weather or other extreme circumstances. Besides the four giant animal sculptures, Sober Industries also has developed custom made animations for the projection mapping installations on the sculptures. In this way the sculptures would came alive at night with beautifull animations on it.

Video editting Construction Project mapping

The result

Each night the MediaCity UK plaza was full of crowded public enjoying the projection mapping show of Sober Industries on the four giant animal sculptures. It was great to see people engage with ‘Unnatural Borders’, whether it was through the engagement on social media or interpreting the sculptures through photography or another artistic medium. With this 10 days outdoor exhibition Sober Industries and Tim Boin were pleased to show the crowded public beautifull animations on the animal sculptures of endangered species. All the four animal sculptures symbolized the endangered species by human behavior and its effect on the global eco system.

Created while using digital technology, Sober Industries, Tim Boin and Quays Culture questioned the responsibility of  mankind towards other creatures living on the same planet. While the four giant animal sculptures were plain white during daytime, the animal sculptures are being illuminated during nighttime, clashing with the surrounding skyline and accenting the message of the project to the public. The publicity for ‘Unnatural Borders’ was enormous. Besides a feature by BBC News, Juxtapoz also wrote an article about ‘Unnatural Borders’.