Gemeente Dordrecht – Provada 2018

For 3 years in a row Sober Industries worked together with Gemeente Dordrecht to develop and produce an outstanding presentation booth during Provada 2018 in RAI Amsterdam. Sober Industries created the perfect visual experience for the audience to see what the city of Dordrecht can offer you. During Provada 2018 Gemeente Dordrecht will present different real estate projects of their city.

How we did it

The presentation booth was designed in consultation with the marketingteam of Gemeente Dordrecht. The idea was to came up with an presentation booth with a natural look and a comfortable environment for the marketing and business team of Gemeente Dordrecht to discuss their business opportunities with their network, consists out new business potentials and current relations.

The result

The City of Dordrecht presents their newest real estate projects to the audience of Provada 2018 with great succes.