Sober Walls

Sober Walls is a public art project organized by Sober Collective. The city of Rotterdam and CBK (Central Office of Art) asked Sober Industries in collaboration with Sober Collective to deliver the best quality of Street Art on the walls in Rotterdam. 

How we did it

Thanks to the believe in the philosophy of Sober Walls ambition of only bringing the best Street Art writers to Rotterdam, real estate company Havensteder gave Sober Industries 5 walls to be paint by some of the best Street Art writers of the world. Sober Collective reach out to following five Street Art writers to come over to Rotterdam: TelmoMiel, Sebas Velasco, Vesod, Joram Roukes, Natalia Rak and Amok Island. Alongside the wallpaintings all the invited Street Art writers made some new canvas works for the Sober Street Art Exhibition showed in the Sober Art Gallery.

Art & Creative direction

The result

The end result of Sober Walls 2017 received very well by the city of Rotterdam. The project received a lot of positive publicity and great written articles about. One of the articles is written by Sasha ‘Sal’ Bogojev at Juxtapoz about the wall TelmoMiel and Sebas Velasco painted for Sober Walls. If you are interested in the concept of Sober Walls please send a mail to