Sober Walls

Sober Walls is a public art project organized by Sober Industries. In collaboration with the city of Rotterdam and CBK (Central Bureau Art) Sober Industries were asked to bring back quality in the Street Art on the walls in Rotterdam. For this project Sober Industries team up with one of the best Street Art artistic duo TelmoMiel (Sober Collective).

How we did it

Stichting Havenster gives Sober Industries in order to the public art project Sober Walls five walls in the city of Rotterdam. In commission for the city of Rotterdam five of the best Street Artists were invited to come over to Rotterdam and make a mural. Alongside a great exhibition at the Sober Art Gallery with new body of work from the joining artists, Sober Industries hopes to give Street Art a better platform in Rotterdam.

Art & Creative direction

The result

The end result of Sober Walls 2017 was very great. The project received a lot of publicity and great publications in Juxtapoz (apr 2017) and Elsevier (aug 2017). Sober Industries and TelmoMiel are hoping to introduce this concept in more cities in Holland or other countries.