Ziggo – The Ziggo Home

DAY contacted Sober Industries to work on a new project for Ziggo. The idea was to design and develop a traveling house go around the country to meet the public. The most important part of the project was to focus on Ziggo strong marketing topics:

– Content
– Education
– Service

Ziggo wanted to show the public they believe in the future. With developing a futuristic LED Ziggo home, Ziggo made a good statement.

How we did it

The Ziggo Home was designed and developed with full LED video. Sober Industries developed the content and produced the whole Ziggo Home.

Contruction Interface design Electronics Instrumentation Software & Application

The result

The Ziggo Home was inspired by a simple traditional Dutch house. However the end results showed that it was more than just a simple house because of the multiple futuristic elements that were being used. The house is covered with full LED video screens. These LED screens created a visual experience for the public which communicates Ziggo products, benefits and partner content. Sober Industries has built a custom made system which the LED screens are running on. 

The interactive feature makes a lot of fun for the audience. For example: when it starts raining outside, it also started to rain on the graphic content played on the LED screens. Night and day are synchronized to real – time day / night cylcus and a lot other more real time cyclus features. The most important part of this project was to make sure that all the techniques were easy to set up and easy to transport. In this way Sober Industries designed the roof and the bottom as separate parts. Each part designed to fit on a truck including trailer, ready to go anywhere around and easily to be transport in one load.